Monday, December 28, 2015

Semana Sesenta y Dos - Feliz New Years

Hey everyone!!! Happy Año Nuevo!!! This year has just flown by! Wow! Anyways, with a new year just around the corner I invite all of you to set goals. J I have learned how much goals can help us progress and reach our divine potential that God sees in us. This week was a lovely week because well... Navidad and talking with my family on Skype, miracles, and serving. I couldn’t imagine a better Christmas in the mission. What better way to pass Christmas than serving the Lord, making some kids’ Christmas, and talking with my family?

This week I will admit was a little weird working, but, that didn’t discourage us!! This week was had two service projects, one with the mission zone that I am in and one with the ward where I serve. What we did with the zone was that we chose a couple families that had major needs and we gave them a box full of food and we went to their house and sang hymns. I know it made their Christmas. J With the ward on Christmas Eve, the ward counsel and the bishopric and us Hermanas got together and gave chickens to families that we knew in the ward didn’t have the means to have a Christmas dinner, and we gave a few presents to children in the ward that we knew were not going to receive anything for Christmas. I love this Christmas so much because I got to help people! 

This week as well we saw miracles! Lorena and Genesis came to church for the first time ever!!! Before Lorena used to tell the sister missionaries that she would go to church and she would never show up. This time she did for the first time and she and her kids stayed all 3 hours! It was a miracle! Another miracle that we saw was that we are teaching a family called the Familia Lucas Navas. The only member in the family is the dad and he has been inactive with the church for about 20 years. The day we taught him we asked him if he could offer the closing prayer, and before he prayed I had the strong impression that we should all kneel and pray... and I invited everyone to do it... and after he prayed he told us it felt really good to pray again and he said that the way we prayed (everyone kneeling together) was the first time in 20 years!! It was a small miracle! 

I have really been reflecting a lot lately on how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. And it not only changes lives, but it changes people. At the beginning of my mission I really didn’t understand completely what this means.. but now I do...and as I have been reflecting on this one of my favorite scriptures from Alma, 5:14 ¨And now I ask of you, my beloved brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced a mighty change in your hearts?¨ Every time I think of this scripture I think of my converts and the people that I am teaching. Something that I love to do now is pay attention to their eyes. What I have noticed in my converts is that their eyes literally change. It’s true when people say that they eyes are the window to our souls. When the people that we are teaching make the changes necessary in their lives and when they are baptized... their eyes literally change, they take on more light and the darkness and the confusion that was in their lives goes away. It’s because they take on Christ in their lives and their countenances change. They glow. I know that it is true for us as well, when we do the small, good thing we take on more light and we take on the Lord in our countenances, I love you all!!!

Hermana Reed

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