Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Semana Cincuenta y Ocho

This week past Thanksgiving!!! So I am going to make a list of what I am grateful for!!!

My family
The mission
Jesus Christ
The scriptures
The restored gospel
A bed to sleep in
The holy ghost
The sacrament
People to leave with us to visit investigators
The chance to grow
The atonement

These are only a few things. For Thanksgiving this year I had turkey!!! It was awesome!!! And this past Saturday Junior got baptized!!! And when he gave his testimony it was so sweet, he started crying. He made such a change in his life and he worked really hard to make those changes in his life as well. I have never seen a young kid who has worked so hard to make the changes he has made. I have never seen any 17-year-old kid as motivated as he is to follow Christ. He not only changed his life, but the life of his best friend. The next goal for him is to leave on a mission.

The 8th of December is changes!!! We shall see what happens!!! 

Hermana Reed

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