Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Semana Quarenta y Siete

So sorry I don’t have pictures this week, I forgot to bring my cable. hahaha But this week was lovely, we had stake conference so Hermana Prince and I decided to focus a lot of our efforts in the less actives that we have here and it was wonderful!!! We went and visited less actives all week!!! We also left with the ward to go and visit less actives and recent converts. I was wonderful to see the fruits of our labors on Sunday, when we got there the whole entire stake center was filled. The goal for the stake was to have more than 300 people there and it worked!!! I ended up talking to a less active sister named Iris Coello, she hasn’t been to church for a couple of years because her husband died about 2 years ago and she finds it a struggle to go to church, but she went to the stake conference and hasn’t been in a couple years eitherand she told me how wonderful it was to be there, she felt the spirit again and it was a wonderful alivio (comfort). It was so beautiful to talk to her when she shared this experience with me. It really goes to show that when we work towards our goals we can reach the, and the Lord really helps out.
Something that I’ve learned this week is being loyal to the lord and how important it is for us to be loyal to him in our actions and our words by keeping the commandments and doing what we say we are going to do, really applying the atonement in our lives and as well living the gospel. 
I have also thought about how important the temple is, people here kinda take their temple for granted... or so they say.  They don’t go to the temple and I personally I have learned how lucky we are to have a temple here and also in good old CA. Go to the temple often, our brothers and sisters are waiting for us to help them. Like they say, every member a missionary, not only in this world but in the world to come. I love you all!!! I know this gospel is true with my whole entire heart!!!
Hermana Reed

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