Monday, August 31, 2015

Semana Cuarenta y Seis

Hey family!!! Another week down and things are just lovely here!!! haha I’m enjoying it fully.  This week was a long week of work and almost losing investigators and such. But we also found some new people we have been trying really hard to find new people because things are kinds suffering here, I forgot how hard the people in the city can be, they are a lot more straightforward.  This is what I mean.  This week we had an old lady just come up to us and tell us about how she couldn’t accept Joseph Smith and latter day prophets and those kind of things, but she believed that God is the same forever and that there should be a prophet in our days... she was kinda yelling at us... then at the very end she told us to carry around an umbrella because the sun is really storing and we should protect our skin.  It was very funny and frustrating at the same time. After being frustrated and such I began humming the song A Child’s Prayer so that I could calm down. (That’s what I love about catratchas, they smack you down with religion then they are so loving and caring and concerned when it comes to your health, hahaha).  We went to go visit a reference and it was awesome!!!  The woman named is Cynthia and is Evangelical, but she was so open and she actually read what we left her when we contacted her!!! She is wonderful.  We invited her to baptism, but either she didn’t understand us or she ignored us. J Either way... she is progressing.

We also found two girls to teach, Kady and Isabel, they are really smart and really attentive, and they were awesome when we taught them yesterday. They then said that if they learn more and understand more they would get baptized. It was awesome!! They also said that we teach and speak in a way that is very simple but very clear and direct and they can understand and comprehend everything that we are saying!!! 

Things are wonderful here, this change is going by way too fast, so much work to do and so many people to love!!! I love this gospel so much!!! I am so grateful that the mission has helped me even more to have a vision of who I want to become and what I want out of life!! I am also so grateful for all of the experiences I have been having, yes the majority of them are so hard and frustrating and very sad, but the small moments that are just full of joy make it so worth it!! I love you all!!! 

Peace out!!!

Hermana Reed

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