Monday, August 24, 2015

Semana Quarenta y Cinco

Hey family!!! This past week had some very beautiful experiences. 

Our investigators are progressing slowly but surely, and each time they tell us that they have read the Book of Mormon or have prayed it’s beautiful and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing work. 

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a very special conference with Russell M Nelson. The spirit was very powerful and it was such a wonderful opportunity. Both the Comayaguela Mission and the Tegucigalpa Mission were there, plus many missionaries in San Pedro Sula were watching via satellite TV as well as all over Centro America.  I got to shake his hand and when I did the spirit was so beautiful, you could just feel the pure love of Christ and the strong spirit that he has. It was beautiful. 

Side note: I got to see Aden again, hahaha. First Aden then Alec!!! Que loco!!!

This week I have learned something very important, the importance of choosing joy and not the opposite. Really when we decide to choose joy we have the spirit more, we are able to help other people feel the joy, and as well we bring the spirit in the lessons. I also learned something really important, to learn to love who we are becoming. I have been learning to love who I am becoming and I can now say I love myself so much and who I am becoming.  I am now more a servant of the Lord and someone who is more consecrated to this work. If we don’t love who we are becoming then how can we become the person who God wants us to be? 

This week we found a beautiful family. None of our investigators came to church but this family did, with their little baby.  We talked to them and it turned out that the man whose name is Marlon is a member and a cousin of the Relief Society President.  His wife’s name is Carla and they have a beautiful baby boy who’s two months old.  We are going to help reactivate the man and help the wife learn more of the restored gospel.

Remember!!! Love who you are!!!

Hermana Reed

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