Monday, September 14, 2015

Semana Quarenta y Ocho

Well I turned 20 this week, it was real weird to be completely honest. hahaha I’m finally an oldie here!!! hahaha No but this week was real fun. We had a ward mission activity about friendship and helping the recent converts and the investigators feel more comfortable about friendship and making friends and what it really means in the church. The activity had to end early because the lights went out and we can’t be outside when the lights go out like that.  Blackouts are fun because we get to have a candlelight planning session. 
 This week we had a miracle as well!!! We were kind discouraged because no one wanted anything!!! Absolutely nothing at all!!! And on Friday we had a very good zone meeting that was really inspirational and really good and motivated our spirits, and we decided after that we were just going to contact until we found people we could put a baptismal date.  We went to an area we have never been to and we saw one house and it was so funny. Hermana Prince and I didn’t say anything to each other, we walked up to the door at the same time and then knocked on the door. A woman and her daughter answered the door and when we introduced ourselves they invited us right in. I was slightly worried because normally when people do that they want to bash us down and contend with us. Turns out that after the lesson she accepted a baptismal date and her daughter as well, she told us that she was looking for the Mormon church because her friend got married in the temple and how her friend told her it changed her life.  I love you all!!  That’s my story!!! 
Hermana Reed

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