Monday, September 21, 2015

Semana Quartenta y Nueve

Well... I’m still alive.. stressed but alive!!!! Smiling face (black and white) I figured out I could do these little smiley face thingies and it just made my day. I dunno why I’m so excited I have learned though to find the joy in every little thing, it’s the life of the mission Smiling face (black and white) Anyways, we had changes on the 15th!!! Independence Day here!!! WOOH!!!! hahaha We didn’t do anything special, just got new companions and worked Smiling face (black and white) but it was nice!!! I am with a Latina Smiling face (black and white) Hermana Muñoz!! She is from Cali, Columbia!! and is so fun!!! She promised me she was gonna teach me some salsa moves and such Smiling face (black and white) She has 14 months in the mission (that’s 3 more than me) and Hermana Prince left for another area called Talanga Olancho and will now be a sister Training leader!!!

Things have been slightly stressful because the members aren’t cooperating with us. The focus is to help the members do missionary work as well, but here they don’t want to and it’s affecting our investigators. Interesting thought, when someone has a baptismal date Satan works REALLY HARD to try and tear them down, and he has been working really hard with Alba and Alexander (two of my investigators) but we are going to work really hard. We have many plans that are going to help, one of the plans is taking them to the temple grounds with the members who are in charge of family history and they are going to bear their testimonies about the temple and help them out. Keep them in your prayers!!!! I love you all!!!! 

Hermana Reed

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