Monday, August 10, 2015

Semana Quarenta y Tres

Hola todos!!!

Well I had cambios... and yes it’s true my other area got closed for the hermanas because it was starting to get a little dangerous to have hermanas there. But I am so excited for this cambio!!! I am with another gringa, her name is Hermana Prince and get this - SHE’S FROM MESA, ARIZONA.  Mom and dad, she lives on the street where Stapley is and she graduated from Mountain View High School last year.  She knows everyone that I know from there as well. Small world huh?? She’s such a sweetheart and I love her so much, we get along really, really well, and we have fun together. J 

I am now back in the city!! Duh Duh Duh. Haha the city is crazy, and although the city isn’t nearly as pretty as a pueblo I love the fast paced life and the excitement of it all. My area is called Tiloarque in zona Comayaguela. Hermana Prince and I are the only pair of hermanas in the ENTIRE ZONE, we are with a bunch of crazy elders, but they are all awesome because they all work very hard. J

We had a baptism this weekend!! Her name is Mariely, she’s a nine year old girl whose grandparents got baptized about four months ago after being investigators for 8 years!! 8 years!! All because the wife, Hermana Flores was waiting for a divorce. I have a new goal I am not gonna mess with divorces here because they NEVER end up good. It’s so hard to get a divorce here, and expensive. She is the perfect little investigator, she completed with all of her compromisos (commitments) and she knows her gospel doctrine. She has such a willing heart and mind to learn even more and to follow Jesus Christ´s example. 

I am so excited to be here!! You have no idea. I can just feel the need to work here. I can feel myself changing and I can feel the spirit so strongly. There are people here that are prepared to receive the restored gospel, and I know with my whole heart that there are people at home who are prepared to receive it as well.  The thing you need to do is open your mouth and don’t be afraid to share and bear your testimony because you know what, the minute you bear your testimony with someone you are planting a seed in their heart, and the Spirit is testifying to them that this gospel is true, even if they don’t recognize it at first. Las personas realmente son preparados cuando ustedes testifiquen y después comparten algo mas de el evangelio. Yo se que esta obra es una obra maravillosa y que el evangelio de Jesucristo es real, el ejemplo que Jesucristo dejo por nosotros cambio nuestras vidas y también cambiara la vida de los demás.

Las amo mucho!!!

Hermana Reed

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