Monday, August 17, 2015

Semana Quarenta y Quatro

Hey familia!!!

It’s so wonderful to hear about how Jeffrey is okay and that he is doing well.  I love hearing about everything that is going on!!! 

Weekly news: 

Had a multi zone conference: I sang... again... the assistentes (two missionaries who assist the mission president) love asking me to sing or do musical numbers. It’s quite funny.

We had an activity with all of the sisters under the sister training leaders that we have.  We talked a lot about fe (faith) and how there really are no limits.  It’s so true, we need to show our fe to the Lord and He will bless us.

BIG NEWS: Russell M Nelson (a senior leader of the Mormon church) is coming this week!!! WE are having a conference with him this Saturday!!! Oh I AM SO EXCITED

I am really focusing on trying to trust the Lord that everything will be okay. Things can be really hard on the mission and especially personally.  Not only that but loving myself in spite of seeing my faults that I have. That is something that Hermana Prince has been helping me with a lot, she went through almost the same exact feelings.

As well... this week we had some small miracles... our investigator named Alexander ALMOST accepted a baptismal date. He said he would pray about it and when we asked him how it was he said he just felt a peace and a silence. We testified to him about the Holy Ghost and how it comes a whispers and feelings of peace and tranquility.  He’s progressing so much, I know he is going to accept a baptismal date soon.  Here is another miracle, there is a girl named Maria. She was being taught by elders and I guess they pressured her a little too much to commit to a baptism date so she closed off, but she has been opening up to us hermanas (sister missionaries) for these past two weeks and she invited us to her house last night and she has been coming to church. It’s another miracle.

The focus of the mission is the reactivation of less actives (church member who don’t go to church very often) and retaining the converts (people who have been newly baptized into the church).  The principle applies everywhere, if you know someone who is struggling at home reach out to them with a kind a helping hand. 

I love you all!!

Hermana Reed

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