Monday, February 2, 2015

Semana Dieciséis

Hola Familia!!

I hope everything is good down in good old Danville!!! Things are great here!!! I’m cold a lot... and it’s only 50 degrees.  I’m doing a lot of walking and a lot of talking to people in Spanish.  It’s great!! The life of a missionary is the best life ever!! 

I am almost done with my training.  Two more weeks and then we have cambios, and who knows what will happen? I’ll let you know when the time gets to that point.  Things are going by so quick, I hate that, it just felt like it was P-day yesterday!!!

This week we had the special opportunity to have Elder Alonzo of the Seventy come and speak with us. I can testify that he is called of God. I felt the spirit so strong in that multi zone conference, I think that’s what it’s called. I learned a lot, especially the importance of prayer and studying: make your prayers more meaningful...the lord wants to converse with us…He is our father and wants to hear from us how we are doing. 

This past week we have been working hard to find more people to teach. Almost the whole month of January was hard and frustrating because no one wanted to talk with us, fechas fell through, and we were getting rejected left and right. It was not fun at all. But there has been some small miracles that have happened. 1: Hermano Oscar. He and his wife are super-super-Catholic, and have been for almost 70 years. But, he has been coming to our church, and yesterday we (Hermana Calderon and I) didn’t have time to go and pick him up, so he came on his own!!  That is such a good sign, and he is starting to read the Book of Mormon, just a little but it is a start!!! 2: One family, named familia Cruz came to church again, the dad is inactive and the mom isn’t a member.  The divorce papers of the dad are almost done so that he can marry the mom and she can get baptized.  That is such a challenge here... no one is married and they do not realize the significance of marriage here.  One step at a time. 3: We found three new families yesterday that we are going to begin teaching. When things get tough, you just need to keep going, put your shoulder to the wheel and keep pushing forward, stay positive and keep having faith!!!

Also: Pray for Rigo.  He is one of our investigators with a set baptismal date for the 14th.  He almost got baptized last year, but on the day of his baptism, the hour of it, he ran away.  It was because he didn’t want to, and now he does.  Pray for him please.  We are working really hard with him, the difficult part is that he can’t read, so we are helping him and the wife is helping too. 

One thing I’ve learned is the importance of the Book of Mormon and prayer here; that is the base of teaching, if our investigators don’t have a testimony of the Book of Mormon it is so hard for them to accept almost anything: Joseph Smith, living prophets, word of wisdom, etc.  The base always is the Book of Mormon and having a testimony of it.

I also challenge all of you to be member missionaries, work with the missionaries in your ward... they can’t do everything, they aren’t superhuman. They need your help. Prayerfully think of friends, family or neighbors who could possibly accept the gospel, and tell the missionaries and work with them. I promise you, that if you do this, if you work with both the missionaries and the people you choose, then you will bless lives!!! Every soul is great in the sight of the Lord, and how great is the joy in heaven when one soul comes to repentance. I love you all so much!!!

Con Amor, 

Hermana Reed

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