Monday, February 9, 2015

Semana Diecisiete

Hola everyone!!!

This week just flew!!! I don’t even know where to begin!! We have a baptism coming up, Hermano Rigo. Pray that he will make it!!  Satan is working really, really hard on his family and they are having some problems right now. 

Let’s see, this week we have been working on trying to be more diligent in finding other people, because we really don’t have anyone to teach after Rigo, and it can be frustrating, but after being more diligent and asking for references I can testify that the Lord blesses us after we show that we are being faithful. We have found about five new people, and 2 new families!! They are positive and I already love them so much!!!

Another goal that Hermana Calderon and I have is that we want to work with the members more. I love our ward, but they are a little hesitant on working with us and are a little shy about sharing the gospel. I can understand it can be a little bit harder when you aren’t living and breathing missionary work every day, but I know that it is also part of our work here on this earth after full time missions. The gospel is so sweet and we should share it with everyone, Like Lehi’s vision, just like Lehi desired to share the fruit from the tree of life with his family, I desire to share the gospel with everyone I can. This means I have made the goal of being better at talking to people. Sometimes my shyness comes over me, I am self-conscious of the language as well, but I want to be better and get out of my comfort zone that I have of being silent at times.  It doesn’t matter if my Spanish isn’t perfect, if I don’t fear and if I just share the gospel the Lord will fill in the rest for me. The same goes for everyone too!! Don’t be afraid of striking up a conversation about the gospel, you can tie it in to any aspect of your life, so try it out, experiment and have the Spirit with you. I can promise you that the Lord will fill in the rest. 

Next week is cambios, so by the middle of next week I will be officially done with my training and I will have a new companion. That is scary to think of, but it is also exciting because new opportunities and new things to learn and become better!!! 

I love you all thank you for all of the support!!! 

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