Monday, March 28, 2016

Semana Setenta y Cinco - Final Week

Hey everyone!!!! 

So like I wrote in the title this is my last full week here in Honduras, my second home. I really don’t know how to feel. I try to not and focus on it too much because if I do I start freaking out a little bit and it really does distract me from work. 

Okay let’s see... my comp Hermana Bradley. She is from Washington State.  She is 23 years old and she is awesome!!! We nerd out together about everything fantasy. She is part Chilean because her mom is from Chile.  She is the oldest of four children and likes to write stories.  She has a very strong testimony of the gospel and I admire her strength and her willpower and faith. One of the reasons I admire her is because she has a stutter and she can’t speak Spanish that well, but that doesn’t keep her from giving up. As well she has depression and she takes pills to keep her going.   Additionally she has asthma and the heat kills her.   We end up staying a lot of time in the house because she just can’t go out in the heat all day.  I have learned how to have a lot of patience with myself.  It’s easy to be patient with her because she is amazing.  I get frustrated with myself because I can’t find anything to do when she’s sick, and splits are hard to do here in this area. But she has taught me a lot about unconditional love and charity. I am so grateful for her.

This week we are going to have two baptisms that have been miracles for us, especially with the state of my companion’s health!!!  Their names are Yesennia and Kinberlin. They’re a mother and daughter. Here is their tough story. When Yessenia (the mom) was a girl her mother started her in something horrible.... her mom made her go into prostitution and she has been in that for such a long time. She had a really, really hard life because when she was in those kind of things someone burned her face with acid and she has horrible scars on her face. She has given birth to five daughters and they have all been taken away from her by children protective services. When she was pregnant with Kinberlin the government that is in charge of child protection told her that if she wanted to keep her child she needed to give up prostitution, and she did so that she could raise her daughter. Hermana Bradley and Hermana Cerrate met her and began teaching her before I came to this area.  Then I was transferred here and taught her, and she accepted a baptismal date and she has changed her life and is wanting the best for her daughter. She looks so much happier than when I first met her and they are now getting baptized on the 2nd of April. When I first heard her story I was shocked because I had no idea, she didn’t look like someone who had lived that kind of life. When the missionaries found her she wasn’t living that life anymore but the past was still with her.  I know that God and his son Jesus Christ go after the lost sheep, which is why there are missionaries. When someone really finds the restored gospel of Jesus Christ their souls recognize it and they change their lives. 

I am so happy for this opportunity to have taught them.

Con amor

Hermana Reed

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