Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Semana Setenta

Here are some crazy things I’ve eaten here in Honduras:
Iguana soup
cow stomach
fish head soup
chicken feet

This week was very interesting as well.... I am just going to share a few experiences that I found interesting...

This week we were looking for people that we have contacted and I felt that we should go visit a member who is about to have a baby... and we ended up talking to her older sister and she told us that she was taking care of her husband who has cancer.... we shared a couple of scriptures with her about the atonement!!! the next day we went over to eat lunch with them and we found out that her husband passed away early in the morning.... it was crazy... I know that the spirit has been guiding us a lot recently because there are people that need help here and now!!! I love it so much!!! sorry I didn’t have a ton of time!!! I love ya all!!! 

Hermana Reed

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