Monday, February 8, 2016

Semana Sesenta y Ocho

Hey everyone!!! SO I just want to tell you that The Lord is aware of all of his children!!! This week we had a very powerful experience!! We decided to go knocking on doors and I had the impression that we should go to one block and start from the very end of there.  The first house that we knocked on a brother and sister came out. We started talking about what we do and stuff like that and finally the brother, Fernando, asked us what is so different from our religion, telling us to answer the question as if we were talking to someone who didn’t know anything about the Mormon church. So I had the feeling to ask about eternal families, and when I did the brother told his sister to let us in.   That was really really weird. They started asking us a ton of questions... and it kind of freaked me out, but we answered all of them and then they started talking in English and then I got really weirded out. But in the middle of the lesson Fernando told suddenly his sister that he was Mormon and got baptized about a year ago. His sister Sofia was super surprised! All of the sudden the Spirit came in when we started testifying about the Book of Mormon... the Spirit was so strong after the lesson I couldn’t talk. 

We ended up talking to Fernando and he told us that he was planning on giving his little sister a Book of Mormon this past week and that their parents had died about 4 years ago and that it still hurts for his sister. He was so happy because we are now going to continue teaching her and he told us to just focus on the family. I could see clearly how the Lord is aware of all of his children! He loves every single one of us and he wants us to come back to him. I am so grateful to be a servant of the Lord and see how much God loves all of his children! He really knows us!!! I love you all!!!

Hermana Reed

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