Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Semana Sesenta y Quatro - cracking up in Relief Society

Here is a quote from Howard W. Hunter that I heard yesterday in Relief Society: 

`¿Que debemos hacer si nuestros seres queridos nos hieren, o si en el empleo dan a otro ascenso que nos habian prometido, si nos acusan falsamente o atacan arbitrariamente  nuestras buenas intenciones? 

¿Ejercemos represalias? ¿Reunimos fuerzas para enviar un batallón aun mas numeroso? ¿ Volvemos a la ley del `ojo por ojo` y diente por diente?...O llegamos a la conclusion de que esto en definitiva nos deja ciegos y sin dientes.`

Translation:  “What should we do if our loved ones hurt us, or if they go back on their promises, or falsely accuse us or arbitrarily attack our good intentions?  Do we retaliate?  Do we gather forces and launch an even larger assault?  Do we return to the old law of ‘an eye for an eye’ and ‘a tooth for a tooth’?  Or do we arrive at the conclusion that this only leaves us blind and toothless?” 

This made me laugh so hard in Relief Society. I was literally laughing out loud.... whoops.  Haha. But I love this quote because It makes so much sense to me. When people cause bad things to happen in our life we can choose between two options.... go back to the eye for and eye and tooth for a tooth way of thinking .... or we can choose the way of the Savior and forgive and love those that caused wrong against us. It’s obvious the road I want to choose, I like my sight and my teeth thank you very much.  Hahaha. I learned a lot in this class, about following the Savoir and knowing how to follow his example. 

We have seen miracles this week!!!! a TON!!! 7 investigators came to church yesterday!! The whole entire family of Elvin and Heidy came to church yesterday! Like I said before their dad is an inactive member for about 15 years and their mom isn’t a member and their mom came to church for the first time ever!!! It was awesome. I was so grateful that the Lord helped us and put the desire in their hearts to come to church. The mom (Lilian) told us that she hasn’t been drinking coffee for a couple days and normally when she tries to stop drinking coffee she has a bad reaction. These past couple of days she hasn’t had any bad reaction at all!!! Another blessing as well!!! 

Elvin and Heidy are going to get baptized this Saturday and Hermana Nicolas had the great idea to take them to the temple the morning before so that they could see the outside and the gardens and feel the strong Spirit that is there. After the baptism we are planning to work really hard with Lilian so that she can awaken more of that desire to get baptized. Her two kids are wonderful examples not only for her, but for their dad (Carlos) as well. 

Fun Fact: we are going to have multi-zone conferences in the next couple of weeks... but part of these conferences is that our zone has to make a video about putting a baptismal date with a real life investigator.... all of the elders in our zone voted for our investigator Monica so my comp and I are going to be in the video. My comp is dying she does not want to be in the video AT ALL. hahaha. Its going to be fun!!! hahaha 

anyways I love you all!!! Jeff be careful of those bolos... son papos  

Hermana Reed

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