Monday, October 5, 2015

Semana Cincuenta y Uno

Hey family and friends...

First off. Conference was absolutely wonderful. All of the messages were so inspired I know without a doubt that this church is the true church and that we are guided by apostles and a prophet that have been called by God and that they receive relegation for us to help us receive the help and the blessings in our daily lives. 

This week was actually one of the hardest weeks in the mission for me, things just kept falling apart. Investigators moving... fechas (appointments) falling... everything. As well, my companion has been really, really sick, she thinks that she is really, really sick... and so we haven’t been able to work in the best way at all. I have had to exercise a lot of faith and patience. I thought I had patience before.  But you know what? I really don’t, ha-ha, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn how to have more.

The mission is a time to complete goals and obtain good habits. Thankfully for the mission I have learned some many good things, how to not be afraid to talk to people and share my opinions, for example. My confidence has grown tenfold.  I am more organized.  And I have broken some very small bad habits that I have had, like biting my nails. The mission can really change a person if you let it.

Pray hard for my companion Hermana Muñoz... she needs the prayers.  As well, pray for the investigators.  It’s time to find new ones, the trick is to always find and always keep looking so that when the ones who really aren’t prepared fall... you have others you can work on. The goal this week is to find new people.... and my personal goal is to give every single couple I see a pamphlet of the law of chastity.  I will let you know how that goes next week!!!! 

Love you all!!!!

Hermana Reed

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