Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Semana Cuarenta

Hey family J 

SO this week has also been interesting... we had some interesting challenges.  First off we had to change houses.  Second, we had our house get flooded.  Third my comp has continued being sick, and more and more.

But this week has really helped me to understand more of my relationship with God and his plan for me and the people here.

The other hermanas in the area were transferred out, so there was not another hermanas for me to do divisions.  While Hermana Logan has been sick I’ve done divisions with the other hermanas in order to get out of the apartment.  As not being able to do many divisions because there really is no one here to help us this week, I have really learned how to get closer with God.  Reading my scriptures in Spanish and writing in my journal and just really talking to him. It’s been wonderful because I have really figured some things out about what I am supposed to do as a missionary.

[Note:  A division is where one of the other sisters would stay in the apartment with Sister Logan while she has been sick so that Jodi could leave the apartment and do missionary work.]   

This week we had interviews with President Ferman and he told me that for the next nine months he wants me to write a story, a story full of miracles and to not focus on what I have already done, he wants me to focus on what I can change to do better and write this story to affect the life of myself and my family. J

As well this change I have really learned to try and understand people and why they do the things that they do, because everyone does the things that they do for a reason. The thing that we need to do is love them for who they are and try and understand why they do it. J 

As well we had a miracle!!! We had someone tell us that they want to get baptized this week. Her name is Elsa!! She has gone to church two times and we taught her, and she told us in the lesson that she was going to ask us when she could get baptized because her dream is to preach the gospel. God is so good!! Even though we have not had the chance to work a lot this week, God will continually bless us for being obedient. J

I love you all!!!

Hermana Reed

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