Monday, March 2, 2015

Semana Veinte - Trying to work with members

Hola everyone!!

This week was interesting!! Hermana Alvarez and I have been trying to work with the members here and motivate them to get involved with the work.  So we have a goal to visit one family every day to share a scripture and motivate them. This will also help with our work here when they start to trust us more. 

Small miracles every day!! For example, we have this one family that we are teaching, Familia Cruz, the husband is a member but he was married before. So, he has to get divorced before he can marry his wife (girlfriend) he is living with now so that they can get married so that she can get baptized. The divorce was almost finished before I got there and the crazy thing is that the Hermana before forgot the name of the lawyer that is working with them. But the huge blessing is that I received and email from Hermana Calderon telling me that her first companion remembered the name of the lawyer and had the number for us! Such a huge blessing because that is almost complete and then we can start helping them with their wedding. 

Another thing that I have learned is that the Lord puts you exactly in the path of others that need you. For example Saturday night we were going to go visit an investigator but I had the feeling that we should go and try and visit another investigator. What happened was that we ran into a woman with her baby. She was crying and looked really lost. Turns out the father of the baby and who she’s living with at the moment ran off with all of their money for the week to go and get drunk. It was because he got angry at her suggestion that if he wanted more money he should work a little more. One of the young women in our ward walked up at that moment too. She gave her all of her money that she was going to give to pay for tithing and we said a prayer together.  We walked her to her mom’s house and we invited her to come to church with us. Even though she didn’t come we were able to help her and give her comfort. She lives in one of our areas and one of our investigators knows her so we are going to go and find her. 

I love you all so much!! Be aware of the Spirit and try to listen at all times... sometimes we may not hear it because we aren’t paying enough attention. Slow down and stop and listen and feel. The spirit will guide you in all of your paths and the Lord will be able to use you as an instrument in his hands!! 

Lots of love!!

Hermana Reed

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