Monday, February 23, 2015

Semana Diecinueve - Primer Cambio

Hola Familia!! I have news!! This past Tuesday we had cambios and I got a new companera, she is from Guatemala and Jeff you´re gonna enjoy this, she is a wrestler... yes so I feel really girly.  J

She’s awesome and she works really hard and we are having a lot more success here. There are a few differences between us that makes it hard at times but I am so grateful that I have learned the importance of communication and communicating openly, it’s so important, especially as a companionship because if we don’t have unity we can’t teach with the spirit and nothing gets done.

This week has been a week of work work work. We have been trying to change the mentality of our Ward, they aren’t super great with helping the work here, but we are working on getting them super excited and working with them.  And so far we have been seeing fruits to our efforts. They are getting more excited and are more willing to help us.

My Spanish is coming so much easier now!! It’s a miracle!! The gift of tongues really is real. I have been able to look at my progress here from the beginning with my language and it is amazing. Never did I dream that I would be able to communicate with people and they would be able to understand me and vice versa. I know that the Lord is helping me so much with this and it is such a blessing.

One miracle this week. So we have been doing a lot of contacting and have been trying to find people to teach in one of our areas that really doesn’t have anyone to teach, so many people lie to us and their directions and everything...a little bit frustrating…but!! while we were searching for someone in one of the neighborhoods we decided to talk to two little kids and asked for them to get their mom. 

When their mom saw us, she invited us right in and was super open and super interested. Turns out her family lived with her best friend’s family for a year and they are members, she loved how they lived and wanted that kind of family life.  Her name is Nely and she is super positive. We are going to work really hard with her.

I have a testimony of this work. I know that no matter how hard things get in the field the best thing is to keep pushing forward with faith and hope, and the lord will bless you. Just keep pushing forward with a smile and the spirit. The lord puts the people that need us in our path in certain times.

I love you all!!!

Hermana Jodi Reed

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