Monday, March 23, 2015

Semana Veinte Tres

Hola Familia!! Cosas aqui son super buenas!! Si no vamos a tener bautismos esa cambio, pero todo es en el tiempo del senor... y mi espanol es mejor!!! Mas o menos J

Anyways, this week has been a week full of work. We try every day to use all of our time to the best that we can... or eficaz!! This week we have had some interesting experiences with a man named Orlando who wanted to be a pastor and he is super learned about the Bible. This week we tried introducing the Book of Mormon and when we did... the axe came down... haha. We got a 20 minute lecture about the Bible and how we don’t know the Bible and that the Bible can only be the word of God etc. Twas very interesting. As ya’all know I am a very patient person and these kind of people don’t bother me. But wow.. Hermana Alvarez was on point of screaming... but I made sure that she didn’t explode. It was kinda funny, but the second time that happened I almost lost my patience... because he was taking away the point of us sharing the full gospel by saying we are prohibited from using the Book of Mormon. And then it was Hermana Alvarez’s turn to help me.

Sorry this is short this week... the internet hasn’t been super great. I love you all!!! Tal vez next week I am going to be transferred!!


Hermana Reed!!!

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