Monday, June 8, 2015

Semana Treinta y Cuatro

First off: I really can’t spell.   It sucks. K  And I can’t do math anymore!!! ha-ha! The the mission life. J But this week we had a baptism!! A little eight year old girl whose parents aren’t members, but she lives with the less active grandparents.  She was so cute and the baptism was so special!! The Spirit was so strong in the baptism; I know that the work that happens in the mission field is so special and it affects the lives of so many people!!! 

This Sunday and this week were real special.  Baptism first, then on Sunday we went to all of our investigators and one of the families said they were going to come to church, and they came!  They loved the spirit they felt and we gave them a Book of Mormon and they promised us they were going to read it and ask a lot of questions.  I am so excited for them!!

And also: Fedy finally said that he was going to tell us when he was going to get baptized, and he said he wanted to do it before the 20th!!! yaya!!!

Yesterday as well we ended up teaming up with the elders and about 6 young men and we went around singing to less actives.  It was so funny because we ran into all of them when they decided to visit the less active that we were teaching!! It was so cool!!!

I have been reflecting a lot this weekend about being grateful in our circumstances.  Dieter F. Utchdorf gave a talk about that a little while back and how we need to be grateful for the situations that we have.  It may be hard but when we are grateful to our God and everything that he has given us, and if we don’t complain during our trials, then he will give us strength to bear them well and to become an even better person. So be grateful to God for everything that he has given you. Praise him.  J 

I love you all!!!

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