Monday, June 15, 2015

Semana Treinta y Cinco

Hey everyone!! 

Heavenly Father truly is a God of miracles.  J  This week on Thursday we decided to plan really well for Fredy because he has been on our minds recently, so we prayed for the guide of the Spirit and what happened was that we came up with four different plans that didn’t involve visiting him.  Instead we went to go and talk with Mirayea (a neighbor lady who is the sister missionaries’ adopted mom) and she told us she wanted to go and visit people with us, and when we left it started raining like crazy so she suggested that we go and visit Fredy so that we wouldn’t get wet. When we visited him we decided to teach a lesson and asked him what was holding him back from getting baptized and the first thing that he told us was the exactly one of the four things that we planned.  J  Then on Friday we went and visited him again, this time with Elder Thorn and Elder Hales (a district leader and zone leader) and I felt the strong impression to bear my testimony of baptism and the atonement of Jesus Christ and asked him why he was waiting.  Fredy sat there thinking for a few minutes and he finally told us he has a hard time making decisions and then that prompted Hermana Logan to tell a story about how she has a hard time making decisions, and at the end he told us... finally!! He wants to get baptized this Wednesday!! I am so happy God is so wonderful, he truly prepares the people until they are truly ready, and I know and can testify if I am worthy... not stressing out about being perfect and trying very hard to have the Spirit and listen to the Spirit... I can truly be an instrument in the Lord’s hands... I am not doing anything this is all of the Lords doing.  J 

I love you all!!

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Hermana Reed

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