Monday, May 4, 2015

Semana Veinte Nueve - Almost Mother's Day

Hey everyone!!! 

Things in Marcala are wonderful!! I don’t want to leave here!!  I hope that I don’t leave!! We have so many wonderful people that we are teaching and I love them all so much!!!

This Saturday we are going to have a baptism with hermano Fredy, he is golden.  Every time we teach him we find him reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible JUNTOS (together)... its so awesome.   We are going to see him every day this week because I have seen that before a baptism it is the hardest that Satan is going to work against him and we are going to build him up so that he can quit coffee.  He’s already doing really good because with his motorcycle accident and his injury he’s not supposed to drink coffee because it affects the nerves in his arm, and he’s forgetting to drink it now too. J I am so grateful for the little miracles that happen here sometimes the Lord directs us to people that we don’t think are prepared to receive the gospel in the beginning, but they turn out to be the people that are ready to receive this gospel because the Lord has prepared them for us.

Interesting thing here: all of the drunk men like to follow me and Hermana Zaldaña around, but it’s because I’m a gringa (American).  Evidence: yesterday we went to teach an investigator named Olga and a man was there; first off we didn’t realize that he was drunk (well Hermana Zaldaña didn’t, but I did) and we said “Hi” to him, but when he shook hands with us he wouldn’t let go of my hand, and wouldn’t stop staring at me.  I had to yank my hand out of his.  Then after he kept saying that he loves me, that I was his green eyed love, his love with the green skirt, his heart, and his love for ever.  He also said that I am going to stay here forever. K Oh, and he kept asking for my number.   But I’ve learned well how to deal with these situations...Honduras has taught me many things.... don’t worry mom, I am okay.  J 

This week we had a zone meeting In La Esperanza and the major topic was having more faith, because with faith we are able to work more miracles.  This has been an issue in the mission lately and I realized this was why I was a little down these few weeks.  I felt like I wasn’t doing anything that was of worth here, and and I got a blessing from my district leader.  I realize that I need to have faith because there are people here that need to hear me and they are prepared to hear the gospel.  J With faith and animo (enthusiasm) we are able to touch the hearts of many people.  So this is my goal, to have more faith!!!

I love you all!!!! 

Hermana Reed

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