Monday, May 11, 2015

Semana Treinta

Hey everyone!!! Happy late Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! We are all so grateful for you!!! Plus another blessing was being able to see my family and talk to them yesterday! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for you... I know I’m biased... but I have the greatest family in the world. 

Let’s see... Hermana Zaldaña has changes so she is leaving the area, and I’m staying.  I am slightly nervous because the addresses here aren’t real addresses.  For example: go in this street, walk for a little bit, turn left at the fence with the tree, and my house is the house with the green door and a dog in the front. 

I’m a little nervous for the addresses and finding people.  K haha But I know that the Lord has a plan for whoever I will be serving with next and he knows that I am ready with this.  There are experiences that people need here and that I need as well.

Pray for Fredy... he didn’t get baptized on Saturday because he drank coffee again, but he is working so hard to be baptized this coming Saturday. He is working so hard to quit it. It’s hard because everyone here is raised on coffee like we are raised on milk. He’s so strong and we are supporting him so much. 

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Spirit, it really does direct you when you are worthy to have him with you and if you are really trying to listen to it. In one lesson we were teaching I had about three scriptures pop into my head in a certain order that helped explain a point perfectly to the kid we were teaching, and at the end he understood the importance of being baptized and as well the importance of following Christ. I know that the Spirit was working through me in this moment because I he felt the Spirit and I could see that he understood.  I know that the only way we can teach is through the Spirit to help the people make the changes that they need to get closer to the goal of eternal life. 

This week was hard.  But I have realized that there are gonna be hard weeks and we just need to push through them, have faith, be diligent, and be determined that will help bring results.  When you have faith in the Lord... a real active faith... your own confidence in your ability grows because you know that the Lord is behind you and lifting you up in every moment. He is always there for you no matter what and we can’t do anything without him.

Anyways... I love you all so much!!!

Hermana Reed

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