Monday, April 13, 2015

Semana Veinte Seis - Chicken Feet!

Hola familia y amigos!!!

First off: FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS JEFFREY!! I love you so much!!! You’re a stud!!!!

This past week has been very interesting... we have an awesome family, they are called Familia Lemus.  They aren’t married (like almost everyone here in Honduras) anyways they are amazing - they follow up with all of the commitments that we give them, they are reading the Book of Mormon, they are attending church, and they have a testimony of the church. It’s amazing!!! The hard thing is that they have to get married before they can get baptized, but the tricky thing is this past Wednesday or Thursday... I don’t remember exactly... she (hermana Carmen) had her baby!! But she has to recuperate  (and Valentine is a really good dad, he doesn’t want to leave his wife for very long and when he does leave he always has his phone on hand so that he can run home and help out when she needs help) but we have to wait a month so she can recuperate and whatnot. 

This week has been full of changes. I had an entrevista with President Fortuna and I asked him how I could be a better and more consecrated missionary.  He told me that I need to sit in front of a mirror and have a real heart to heart with myself, make a list in the things that I am failing in and then work on one thing at a time. I encourage you all to do that. It is how we can progress. I am working on that right now and one of my goals is to be bolder and more direct when I teach.  It’s really easy with men here because I can just be really direct and straightforward and they listen, but with women I have trouble because I don’t want to be harsh.  J Anyways I’m working on this because it is how Christ taught, being super direct and super loving. That is my goal. 

This week we taught a man named Jose Fredy, he had a motorcycle accident and he has really been contemplating about changing his life and being closer to God. His trouble is that he sees the people who go to church and then their actions outside of the church are not in alignment with the gospel or their teachings... so we need to help him realize that people aren’t perfect and that this life is for learning and trying to become better. He’s awesome though. I love being super direct with him. Ha Ha. Anyways le desafiamos a bautismo and he accepted!! He dents have a date yet but we are going to help him to be baptized by the 9th of May.  Pray for him because he really is awesome!! Also pray for these people who need help: 

Karla y German
Mirea y Efrain
Hermana Zaldana
Valentine y Carmen Lemus 

I love you all!! 

Hermana Reed

PS: I ate chicken feet!! So gross!! I almost died!! I’m so going back to vegetarian when I can!! 

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