Monday, March 30, 2015

Semana Veinte Cuatro - Getting Transferred!!

Hello People of the US

Well with the first news is that I am getting transferred tomorrow!! It’s kinda bittersweet... my first area and all. But at the same time change will be good. Each time we have changes in our lives it’s for us to grow and learn something. J I’m excited and scared but we shall see where I’m at next week. I’ll let yawl know.  J  

This week has been stressful and hard, but I have been learning how to keep going with a smile, and have about 5 billion back up plans. That is part of the work here, we plan and then have other plans because sometimes the Lord wants to lead us in a different direction than we are thinking. I love the example of Nephi when he went with his brothers to get the brass plates. There were three plans: they first they cast lots and Laman went, that didn’t work; second they brought all of their inheritance to try and trade for the plates, that didn’t work either; but when Nephi’s brothers wanted to turn back and were angry and frustrated, so Nephi went alone to find the plates and he was only directed by the Spirit. That is when he had success.  Something that I have really learned is that we need plans and we need to be directed by the Spirit, because the Lord knows better than us who needs this gospel and I can testify that through the Spirit you can find the people who need you. 

I was reading this week about the prayer that Joseph Smith said when he was in Liberty Jail... at least I think it was Liberty Jail. Anyways, he was asking where God was and why He wasn’t using his justice on the people that were persecuting him and the saints... and the Lord told him that their suffering will only be for a short moment. It was interesting because a prophet of the Lord in his suffering questioned where our Heavenly Father was. And sometimes we do the same thing. We need to remember that he is always here for us, and when we suffer it is for a reason. And the injustice that the people who do us wrong, they will receive their judgement at the judgment seat in front of our Heavenly Father. What we need to do is forgive and exercise the atonement. Something else I also learned is that we need to forgive other people as well, no matter what, because if we don’t the Lord will be slower to forgive our wrong doings. Remember to always forgive and bear your burdens with hope and faith!! 

I love you all!!! 

Hermana Reed

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