Monday, January 12, 2015

Semana Trece - First Baptism!!

Dear everyone!!!

To be honest this week was very hard. People reject us, the language can be very frustrating and trying to find a balance between focusing on the language and focusing on the Spirit is a little bit hard. But I keep learning and I keep trying. :) Pray for me please because it gives me so much strength to go through the week. Mom I got the package!! It was like Christmas all over again!!! Thank you!!

I had my first baptism this week!! It was awesome!! Her name is Alison and she is 13, like I’ve mentioned before. It was simple yet really beautiful. The Ward I am a part of right now is really good with helping us out. The Young Women attended and sang a musical number. Seeing her in the font and then coming up again, I felt the spirit so much. She has changed her life and she wanted to, that’s the best part. She doesn’t act like she’s 13 and the things she has been through she has had to grow up a little faster than most 13 year olds. Yes she still has some 13 year old tendencies, but other than that she is awesome and I love her so much. She also speaks English too!! Haha kinda a plus, she was born in the US so she is actually a citizen and goes back to Florida at the end of this month.
It was such a blessing to see this baptism because that is my purpose here. “Invitar a las personas a venir al cristo”, and I have a new fire to keep pushing forward no matter how hard things get, or how boring things are too. I sing a lot of hymns when things get hard and that really lifts my spirit. :)

One scripture that I really love is in Proverbs, ¨Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.¨ I was reading a talk by Thomas S. Monson and that really hit me, are our choices leading us down the path that Christ walked, or are we going down the path of the world? We should strive every single day in our choices to walk the path that Christ walked. Always, and yes it is hard, but we have the chance to ask for forgiveness and try again. And being a missionary I have learned that we are helping others find their way back to the path that Christ walked and to help them walk as he walked. The first step is just asking in faith for help and the Lord will send help. He will send a friend or two very special people to help you back to him. I know He always answers our prayers and He will always send help. Seeing Alison be baptized, that was the best reward this week.

I love you all!!!

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