Monday, December 1, 2014

Semana Siete - First Area

Hola Familia!! 

Well I am in Honduras finally!! It’s been a whirlwind!! I met my companera, she is from Equador and very nice, pretty new too, she only has three months down here.  Also, this place is so different, oh my goodness, it’s a completely different world here. I love it and im having a hard time getting used to it. I can’t understand a word... well I can understand about 20 percent, when they talk slowly. And the house we have is one of the nicest ones in my mission... but we haven’t had running water for about four days!! But other than that is has been really, really good... I have walked about 50 miles I believe... and I have to wash my clothes by hand.

I would like to share a couple of experiences real fast. This first one is that I have been humbled so much here. Everyone has so little here but they are happy and so warm and friendly. We greet all of the sisters with a hug and say hi and talk to everyone on the streets. I haven’t been on my knees so much in my life. I am really humbled by the circumstances here, we really do have it lucky in Danville, we really do. But what’s wonderful is that the love the Lord has for everyone is universal, so universal. 

Second, me and Hermana Calderon got chased down by one of our contacts yesterday, and we met his brother and his brother’s girlfriend and their family...turns out the brother met the missionaries last week and they told him that they were going to ty to send someone to his house, and we showed up. They are super enthusiastic about the gospel and surprisingly knew a lot about the Book of Mormon and our church.  We have a baptismal date set for them too.  

But that has been my week basically in Honduras. Getting situated and talking to everyone and trying to learn the language.  Love you all so much!! I am going to bring my journal next time so I can tell more details!! I love you all, and am sending pictures!!

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