Monday, December 8, 2014

Semana Ocho

Hola Familia!! 

Things are better here!! I’m getting used to everything…slowly. Pero, its better!! We have water again which is a great blessing. The hard part is that since my area is in a residential area, no one likes to be out!! So me and Hermana Calderon have this new saying for different parts of our area, it’s “El area de the walking dead”, this is because it actually looks like parts of the TV show…real creepy. But, each day is hard, people reject us all the time because they say that they are catholic or whatnot, and it’s really frustrating. But something that I have learned is to find the little miracles in our life. For example, after getting rejected and dropped over and over. Someone finally accepted and we have a cita set for this week! Also, we got two new progressing investigators this week. We are shooting for more this week too!! 

It really is a tender mercy when someone accepts because each time someone doesn’t, I just about die and my heart breaks, because this gospel is amazing and without it where would we be! 

We had a service project this week! It was so awesome, we went to someone’s house on top of a hill and cleared the mountainside...well…the elders in our zone did, while all the Hermanas organized. 

They also fed us lunch, and something that was funny was that the head of the house came up to me and told me, “Hermana, usted va a hacer una buena esposa”, all of the elders thought that was hilarious. It was kind of strange to be completely honest. 

Each lesson that we have taught I am beginning to feel the spirit during them a little more, when I try to not focus so hard on my Spanish. And one experience that happened was that we were teaching two of our progressing investigators and I bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon, I felt the spirit so strong during that lesson. And I know that they felt it too. 

Something that I am learning slowly is how to keep the spirit with me and to act on promptings, it’s really hard right now because I’m so new here, but I will begin to learn things more and more, and It will develop with time.

I love you all so much!! I can’t wait to receive your packages and I will let you know when I get them! 

Con amor,

Hermana Reed

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