Monday, December 15, 2014

Semana Nueve

Hola Familia!!

Things are picking up here in Honduras! This past week flew by, mostly because there was so much that went on this week. First off, we had our Christmas activity... and guess who I saw... I saw Elder Hales!! It was the funniest thing ever, and we got to catch up a bit. But he is doing really well.

I am going to talk about our investigators a bit. Right now we have 6 progressing. Frank and Carla La Calla are not married, but they are so awesome. We met them by a strange turn of events. Carla’s brother chased us a down a couple of weeks ago and introduced us to them. Frank is super interested in the church, but we have to work really hard with them because they like to talk... a lot. Frank comes from a family that has a lot of money and when he was a kid he got into drugs so that he could get some attention. Anyways they came with us to church this past Sunday which was an amazing miracle for us. People here are not fantastic with keeping commitments, but they came!! Also, it turns out in the other ward Frank has a childhood friend that he does not remember because of the issue with drugs and his friend came up to us later and told us how this was an amazing miracle because Frank’s life was a little difficult and now he’s coming to church and interested in the gospel. 

Next is Angel. Angel is Carla’s brother and we contacted him and taught him a bit about the Restoration at a fruit stand a couple weeks ago. He also is very interested but he is very shy and it’s hard to get answers from him. It’s also a little difficult because he can’t see very well and it’s hard for him to read really well too. 

Yasmina. She is amazing, she has been divorced twice and is Christian. Our first lesson with her she told us her life story basically. Her whole life she has been searching for truth or something, because she wants to do God’s will. While she was sharing this I felt the sprit come over me and tell me that she has been prepared from me and Hermana Calderon. She is wonderful and has two kids of her own. Another cool thing that happened was that she told us her birthday was soon and we had this feeling to make a card for her birthday … at the next lesson she told us that she absolutely loves cards and that that is the one thing that she wanted for her birthday because she didn’t receive any. 

Daisy. I love her. She’s a little more difficult because her whole life she has been raised Catholic and she is holding onto her tradition. But at the same time she wants to do God’s will. She’s a dancer, which is fun to connect with her and she absolutely loves to serve others. I am hoping and praying for her that she will accept the gospel.

Wendy. She is 19 as well and she has a sister that is a member. She is staying with her sister who is staying with a member family in our ward. She is super interested in the gospel and it is really fun to teach someone my age. As well, I am starting to understand what people mean when they only think about their investigators. I pray for them constantly. 

Small thought for the day. Something that me and Hermana Calderon discussed was that the day that we left for our missions we left behind the people that we were. And we are constantly pushed and pulled every day to become better. Something that we need to do is submit to the Lord’s will and trust that he knows what he is doing. And he obviously does. I can feel myself being pulled in so many different directions, and sometimes it is really hard, but I know that I am becoming better from it. 

Also Family. Skype for me is going to be on the 25th!! I am coming down to Lorarque where we have Internet and then doing it from here. All of the Hermana’s that we are staying with are doing this and we are thinking about doing it around 3 my time. I will let you know more details next week for sure!! I love you all so much!!!

Love Hermana Reed

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