Monday, December 22, 2014



This week has been...frustrating... a lot of walking and a lot of getting rejected by people. But that’s the life of a missionary, ha-ha. People here are so laid back. And the Christmas here is going to be so different. A lot of dogs have adopted me and Hermana Calderon... they follow us everywhere and I HATE IT SO MUCH. Hermana Calderon thinks it’s hilarious. 

But this week we had two investigators come to church... and it was hard because they rest said they would but they didn’t and I just cried. Because it really is so hard to see the investigators get it and understand the gospel, but then not do their part. It’s so hard. 

One of the greatest blessings this week was from last night. There was a Christmas choral devotional, and it was kinda like our Celebration of Christmas in Danville. We were able to go because we had an investigator go. I loved being able to sit there and listen to the choir... because it almost felt like home. :) Even though they aren’t amazing they sang from their hearts and you can just feel the testimonies and the love of the Savoir. 

Nothing really exciting happened this week. Just a lot of teaching and contacting and meetings. This month has been crazy because the mission is prepping for a mission wide activity and guess who’s part of the choir? ha-ha I’m never gonna stop singing :) 

I also have been thinking about something that has really hit me this week. What is pure religion? I was studying that and it reminded me of a teaching Christ taught. To become perfect we need to impart our substance to the poor and provide relief to them . This is part of pure religion. How often do we take the time out of our days to help others who need our help.  And I remembered the talk that Jeffrey R Holland gave this past general conference about helping the needy, not just temporally but spiritually. We need to be examples and not be afraid to share the gospel. And I challenge you all to be an example!! Especially this month don't let an opportunity slip by you when you see someone needs help because when you do you are not just helping them but you are also becoming like Christ and helping others!! 


I love you all!!!

Hermana Reed

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