Sunday, October 26, 2014

Semana Uno - One week in the CCM

Hola Familia!!!

It has been so good to hear form everyone!!! Oh my goodness I have the biggest smile on my face right now. Thank you for all of your love you send me. It was such a wonderful surprise!!! Okay first off I’m sorry if I have bad English spelling.... been thinking in too much Spanish every day!! Also Josh: FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!! DUDE YOURE 16!!! I’m gonna send each of you a reply to your emails ASAP. Kinda hard since there’s only an hour and I suck at typing... Okay so.. THE CCM ( MTC in Español) It is amazing!! Wow!! This week has by far been the busiest, longest, fastest, most emotional, most spiritual week of my life. As soon as we got here we were immersed in Espanol. Like from day one. My teachers are required to only speak in Espanol and we have to talk with the Latina Hermanas during lunch. Every single day I wake up at 630, get ready, eat breakfast, we have an hour of personal study, am hour of language study and then we have class ALL DAY.  Espanol, and how to teach lessons. It has been INSANE. I love my teachers, they are so fantastic, and dad, my teachers are ALL recent RMs Like they all just got off in January of December, so they are all super young... like 21 to 23... It’s so weird!! I thought they were so much older!!!

Well Spanish is difficult for me... I am learning so much, I understand most of what my teachers and all of the Latina Hermanas are saying. The really hard part is getting the words to actually come out of my mouth and make sure they make sense. IT would be so wonderful if you could pray for del don de lenguas (the gift of tongues). I know it will come it time but it can be really frustrating not being able to express what I am feeling. SO please pray and I will keep working hard and exercising faith that it will come.

The food here is so different!! I promise I have eaten more meat in the past week than I have in my whole life!!! They have a different kind of meat each meal, and the portions are big, and its rude to not finish everything on your plate... but I am able to finish it, the meat part has been hard to get used to, especially since I have had to eat carne... still don’t like it, but I’m getting used to it. If I don’t feel like eating the food, I get either a salad or fruta, and thank goodness for deportes. Deportes is our gym time and we have an hour to work out.  Me and all the other Norteamericanas do these workout videos that the CCM president has. So I am okay ha ha.

My companera’s name is Hermana Neslon, she is from Sandy Utah and I love her so much. She is such a sweetheart and super driven, we encourage each other. When I get frustrated about Spanish she is right there to pick me up again, and when she gets frustrated with the lessons we teach I’m there to pick her up and tell. The hard part is that we both like to talk.... a lot... so it’s hard to be able say everything that each of us wants to say.

I love the Latina Hermanas, they are the sweetest people in the world!! Oh my goodness they are so kind and loving, and so patient with us while we are learning Spanish. They help us when we don’t understand a word and they also are kind enough to slow down when they talk... because they talk REALLY fast.

Me and Hermana Nelson have taught our first investigator... in ESPANOL... we stared teaching in espanol on the second day we were here!! Oh my goodness It was a TRAIN WRECK. But we are learning and by the third lesson we are able to have the spirit when we teach and get our point across.... kinda....

I love the spirit of the CCM, it is so wonderful here and I feel it every single day, more than once a day. I have grown so much and have begun to understand how to recognize it while I teach. I love it here so much... even if we can’t go outside the gates... except when we go to the temple.
I went to the temple this morning!! It is tiny!! But the spirit is wonderful there. I love how no matter where you go the church will always be the same. No matter how far away from home I am of what country I am in the thing in my life that will always be constant will be this gospel.
I love my district. I am so biased but I have the best district in the whole CCM. And out of all the missionaries that reported with me I am the only one from California. Everyone else is from Utah or Idaho or Arizona.

Anyways I love you all so much!! I miss you when I have a moment to think... which is at 1030 at night. I am praying for each of you. Today I start a Spanish fast which means I only speak in Spanish for 24 hours.

There is so much more to tell!! But I will tell you it all in later emails. Also I will send a picture of my branch and my district. I love you all. Mom tell me how the concerts went, and jiff says to send me the video of his marching band show, and yes Bella and Brock I love you and miss you. Jay I’m so glad you had so much fun at that campout!!! I’m sorry you got woken up at 130 in the morning though!! Daddy... I love you so much, and please don’t worry about me. I am focusing my whole mind and heart into this. I am never going to get this chance again and being here is exactly where I am supposed to be.

Con Mucho Amor

Hermana Reed

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